2017 | 22mins | Japan | 4K | Fiction | Copyright © 2017 Tsuyoshi Shoji All Rights Reserved.


溺れ死ぬ時を逃し、老いたナルキソスの行く末は ―



An old picture book writer named Yamazaki, having been handsome as a young gay man, grows narcissistic of his beauty. But now, can’t bear his own aging. One night, Yamazaki meets a young and beautiful man named Leo. Yamazaki collapses during an S&M session with Leo, and reveals his agony. But it’s lost on young Leo. Yamazaki turns to hurting himself in order to bear his own reflection in the mirror….



東海林 毅(脚本・監督)

<Director's Statement>

I feel the attitude of hatred and rejection of things different from oneself has been spreading across the world as of late.

Japan isn't an exception.

But our society is composed of people who are various ages, personalities, appearances, sexual orientations, sexual preferences (including myself.) These are all surprisingly varied, and I think it is beyond anyone to flippantly classify them or reject them simply for being "different from what one is used to."

So in this work, I tried to draw a character who is older, narcissistic, masochistic, gay picture book writer/illustrator. While he may seem overly complicated and eccentric, he also embodies universal themes we all deal with---"self-love," the "fear of aging," and the "hunger for sex."

I hope that this work will lead to a greater understanding of the diversity of our society.

Tsuyoshi Shoji